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Meet our professional mentor, Sophia, K-5

The first half of my life, I was a happy child who loved spending time with my siblings as my mom home schooled us on my grandpa's farm. When she passed away everything changed.

My siblings and I moved in with my father who wasn't able to meet our basic needs. Work became a priority over school to help my brother put food on the table and take care of my siblings.

Eventually, I attended to Shoreline Community College (SCC) and received my HS diploma. I was in my last year of achieving my Associate's degree in Accounting. When I learned my father was physically abusing my youngest sister, I was able to gain custody from him. After graduating from SCC, I began working full-time as an AmeriCorps VISTA. 

I'm happy to report that my sister graduate high school and she found a job and her own place to live, but I wanted to do more! It was a miracle I found the perfect position as a professional mentor with Friends of the Children. I am so excited to meet my girls and find fun unique ways to help them learn and empower them to be strong independent women.