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Rubens Family Foundation supports Friends of the Children

Gary and Jennifer Rubens of the Rubens Family Foundation are two of our passionate supporters. Friends’ professional mentors work with youth to help them understand the value of working hard to succeed and sharing that success with others, a practice that resonates with Gary: 

“I believe, since the professional mentors are full-time paid mentors, they are providing the commitment that the youth you serve need. At my foundation, I provide scholarships to underserved, inner city youth. It takes programs like this that give youth the support they need to get through the pipeline to finish school, do well, apply for scholarships and go to college. In my opinion, the answer is to educate our youth. One of the most rewarding things for Jennifer and I was meeting some of the students like Jaiana. Seeing her on stage at Inspiring Greatness, and then to have her come to my house for the dinner we won at the event was fantastic. It has been a pleasure to see her blossom and do what she wants to do. Then to see the support she receives from Friends of the Children, that is what it’s about! It’s not about writing a check; it’s about results of writing a check that is important and impactful.” 

Since 2013, the Rubens Family Foundation has granted over $26 million to local nonprofits like Friends of the Children to help create opportunities so that youth who need it the most can experience a stable home and bright future through educational grants, mentoring programs and college scholarships.