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August 31, 2018

Support our youth as they return to school!

Academic success starts with you!

As September quickly approaches, many kids wait in anticipation for the beginning of the school year and Friends of the Children is busy collecting backpacks and school supplies for over 160 youth in grades K-12. At the end of August, we send a backpack home with each one of our youth so they have basic school supplies, and also start the year off with new socks and underwear, deodorant, and other basic hygiene supplies. Friends of the Children is dedicated to helping these youth, no matter what. With a donation of $30 or $50 you can help as well.

I am a professional mentor at Friends, and have watched many of my youth overcome challenges simply by receiving the support all children deserve. Eli is one of five kids, living with a single mother who struggled to purchase basic necessities for Eli and his siblings. Wearing old, stained clothes and having poor hygiene, Eli was bullied in the classroom. His experience caused aggression towards his peers and his academics suffered.

I connected with Eli when he enrolled in Friends of the Children in first grade and quickly built a strong connection with him. I saw Eli become increasingly excited to meet each week. After he received a backpack and basic hygiene products from Friends of the Children, I noticed his interactions with his peers at school improved. When youth receive the support they need, whether that is simply a new pair of socks or weekly emotional guidance, they are able to succeed in unprecedented ways.

In the same way a new backpack for Eli was significant, basic necessities and school supplies for each of our youth means so much more than academic success. It provides a sense of relief to families and pride for students, allowing them to feel equal to their peers and able to accomplish their goals. With elementary school supplies totaling $30 and $50 for high school students, every donation makes an enormous difference.

Donate before Aug 31st so that our youth have the tools they need to succeed as they start the new school year!