Jeremy Bradburn (he/him)

Jeremy Bradburn (he/him)

Professional Mentor, Teen

Jeremy was born in Kirkland, Washington.

After high school, Jeremy went to Western Washington University then transferred to Central Washington University for their film program. Now Jeremy is completing his master's in elementary education through Western Governors University online.

Jeremy has a sweet dog named Milo. Jeremy’s favorite hobbies are reading or listening to audiobooks and play board games with friends and family. His favorite two sports teams are the Seahawks and the Sounders.

Jeremy wanted to work somewhere where he felt he could make a difference in the world. He loved that the Friends model works to correct problems before they occur and provide our youth the tools and support to thrive and be successful. Jeremy loves seeing how his youth develop their sense of self over the years and how they adapt the lessons they have learned throughout their time at Friends. He also loves that they learn from each other. And THE STORIES. He loves all the fun, ridiculous, and crazy stories that come from working with our youth at Friends, it all makes for great memories.