Responding to Covid-19

Friends-Seattle is committed to serving our youth and families,

no matter what.

No Matter What Fund


The No Matter What Fund was created by Friends of the Children in response to the unprecedented burdens the new coronavirus has put on the families and youth we work with year-round. All funds raised will be used to provide resources and support to the families enrolled with Friends of the ChildrenSeattle.  

Our families rely on their youths’ mentors for support in many ways because our no-matter-what consistency and long-term commitment in their child’s life have built trust that allows our families to 1) feel comfortable asking for help and 2) feel reassured that they will be responded to with kindness, respect and ongoing support. 

Your support through the No Matter What Fund will allow our mentors to stay present in the lives of our youth and respond to the changing needs of our families in this critical time.  This includes: 

1. Deliver emergency fooddiapers, cleaning supplies, and basic necessities to the homes of our families, many of which include individuals at higher risk for severe COVID-19 illness.

2. Identify appropriate resources, connect with our partners and help families navigate the resources they need to access. 

3. Allow our mentors to use technology and other creative resources to provide emotional support and have intentional conversations with their youth during this confusing and scary time. 

4. Ensure that our mentors are able to coordinate with teachers and parents and continue to champion our youths’ academic support. 

5. Continue to employ our mentors so that we can reach all of their families and pay for mentor transportation to deliver food, supplies and pick-me-ups for our families. 

You can give to the No Matter What Fund by clicking here.

You can also send a check to: 

  1. Friends of the Children – Seattle 
  2. No Matter What Fund 
  3. PO Box 18886 
  4. Seattle WA 98118

Read how professional mentors at Friends-Seattle are continuing to support youth and families remotely.


Sophia dropped food off to support her families 

Professional mentor Sophia went to Costco and purchased food and supplies, including her youths' favorite snacks, and delivered them to her families’ doors. Because of social distancing limitations, last week she walked with one of her youth around the neighborhood in the sun – following the six foot rule – and talked in the park about her commitment and their future plans for keeping in touch.   

Katy supports academic progress and goal setting  

Professional mentor Katy dropped a packet of educational materials off at Juanita’s* home, reviewed the packet with her and set goals for each week. Katy has created a system of remote check-ins and incentives; she plans to drop off ice cream for Juanita each time she finishes a portion of her packet. This will happen when she delivers supplies on a regular basis for the family.  

*Name changed to protect youth's privacy 

Sam uses technology to connect with his youth 

Professional mentor Sam is creating a YouTube channel specifically for his youth. These videos will include comedy, life lessons, and enrichment lessons about music, the world, and anything else they request. Sam will also deliver a care package to each youth twice a week and make one long phone call to each youth per week to read together, check in and talk about their weekly activities.  

Watch Sam’s first video:

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