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Summer Sips with Friends

Summer Sips with Friends was a blast!

Hosted by our Ambassador Board, this virtual cocktail fundraiser brought guests together with fun games, youth stories, and margarita lessons from Milagro brand ambassador Luis Lopez.

Two of our professional mentors shared some of the mentoring moments they've recently experienced with their youth.

Tasha, a teen mentor, gave us a window into her youth's journeys as they learn life lessons and grow more fully into themselves. One of her youth is practicing using appropriate language instead of cursing…and passing that lesson along to her little brother, too! Another of Tasha's youth is exploring her gender identity and self-expression as Tasha provides a safe space for that process.

We also heard from K-5 mentor Hailey, whose bond with one of her girls grew as they connected over being big sisters. Hailey is so proud of her youth for reflecting on her own behavior towards her younger sister. She's taken Hailey's suggestions to heart and, not only is she treating her sister more kindly, she's passing along the mentoring spirit as well!

Thank you to our Premier Sponsor, Amazon, and our In-Kind Sponsor, Milagro Tequila.

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