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What values resonate with YOU most?

At Friends of the Children - Seattle, we support our youth socially and academically, in and out of the classroom, 1:1 and in community, from kindergarten through high school graduation. We build relationships, create community, and remain consistent while cheering our youth on through their most significant challenges and successes.

There's no one word to capture the depth of our youth-mentor relationships or the height of our youth's incredible potential.

As this challenging year comes to a close, we invite you to Invest In our youth. Support the part of the program that resonates personally with you. It is your unique motivation and dedication that make this work possible.

An anonymous donor is ready to match all gifts made between now and December 31st, up to $20,000. Your investment will be doubled and the impact will be felt for years to come.

Invest in youth like Dakari.

Dakari is 17 years old and likes basketball, music, fashion and his friends. Unlike many kids his age, Dakari understands and embraces that he controls his destiny.

Dakari attributes his belief that he can do anything he wants, to his mom and to his professional mentor, Stefan. He and Stefan have been together since Dakari was six years old attending John Muir Elementary. Over the last 11 years, Dakari says that Stefan has become like an uncle or father figure to him. Their favorite thing to do together is “just hang out and listen to music.” Over the years of intentional time spent together, Dakari says Stefan has taught him humility, how to carry himself, and how to set ambitious goals and reach for the stars. Stefan would say that Dakari has helped him become a better father.

Dakari has always been determined, and Stefan has been walking alongside him, providing assurance, encouragement and the tools we all need to believe in ourselves, every step of the way.

Dakari is now a senior at a tough private high school, has a 3.0 GPA, and plans to major in business at Howard University or University of Washington before he becomes a manager or agent in the music industry. He has the vision and the focus to succeed, and we need to make sure he has Stefan by his side to help him reach his goals.

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