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This summer is critical and we need your help!

This summer is critical.

At Friends of the Children-Seattle, we support our youth in all aspects of their development and growth. It has been for more than a year that we have had to follow strict safety guidelines because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this has kept many of us safe, the harsh reality is that it has negatively impacted our youths' mental health and social well-being. With your support, it all changes this summer.


When we reach our goal of 250 gifts OF ANY AMOUNT, a gracious anonymous donor will give us $50,000.

Youth and mentors are having conversations about what this summer will bring.

Transitioning back to a new “normal” will be joyful yet challenging. We have learned over the past year that mental health and social-emotional supports are in high demand for us all. This June, when school and all the other programs break for the summer, our professional mentors will be working. We will support youth as they transition back to in-person activities. Through intentional planning, each child enrolled in Friends-Seattle will have a specific roadmap to empower and support their growth and wellbeing.

For our youth, the summer of more is more than just fun in the sun. It means continuing to develop skills like positive relationship building and perseverance. It also means ensuring youth have experiences every child should have without fear of a pandemic holding them back.

This summer is so critical and we can’t stop now. We can’t lose momentum. Your gift will ensure continued emotional well-being and healthy development for the 250 youth in our program. So that our youths’ minds are active and their spirits can soar. Your donation will make a summer of more memories and more experiences possible.

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