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November 22, 2016

Board of directors approves proposed plan for growth!

In August, the Social Innovation Fund awarded $4 million dollars to Friends of the Children National to expand our organization's impact on the youth we serve throughout the country. Last week, the Friends of the Children - Seattle board of directors approved our recommended growth plan to double the number of youth served over the next four years.
"This unanimous vote show the high level of confidence the board has in our staff team to carry out this major growth initiative," Executive Director Kelly McKee said.
"Our leadership team is 100 percent committed to make sure that we continue to maintain quality as we grow, so that professional mentors receive the support, resources and professional development needed to enable youth to reach their goals."  
This opportunity will help us to further meet the critical need in Seattle, guiding more youth on their path to success. Friends Seattle is one of four study sites for a national randomized controlled trial study of Friends of the Children's model. Preliminary indicators of significant effects are emerging now that our youth in the study are older and have been in our program for an average of five years. 
The analysis found that parents report that their children who are enrolled in Friends were more likely to exhibit pro-social behavior. These trends support the theory of change for Friends of the Children, namely that the long-term successful outcomes will be achieved through an intervention that builds pro-social resiliency.