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Navigating school success during COVID-19 school closures

Learn how mentors are connecting with youth remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:

Jasmine helps her youth navigate uncertainty.

Teens enrolled in Friends of the Children are facing some big unknowns during the coronavirus outbreak. Selena (not real name) is applying for a job right now. She turns to Jasmine, her professional mentor, for encouragement and insight into the current job market. Jasmine is also partnering with Selena’s family to support her academically since Selena is worried about staying on track for the next school year. While no one knows the outcomes of these uncertainties yet, Selena knows that she isn’t navigating them alone.

Stef's holistic mentoring approach meets youth where they are.

Professional mentor Stef promotes core assets like belonging, self-determination and growth mindset while mentoring his teen youth during social distancing. He and his teens use platforms like Houseparty to stay connected to one another virtually and maintain a sense of community. Stef discusses academic goal setting with his youth one-on-one while they play Xbox together. In between games, youth complete physical challenges like push-ups to stay active and motivated. Stef's holistic mentoring approach meets each youth where they are, showing them that he’s committed to their academic success as well as physical and emotional well-being during this time.

Sam uses technology to connect with his youth.

Professional mentor Sam is creating a YouTube channel specifically for his youth. These videos will include comedy, life lessons and enrichment lessons about music, the world and anything else they request. Sam will also deliver a care package to each youth twice a week and make one long phone call to each youth per week to read together, check-in and talk about their weekly activities.

Find Sam’s first video here:

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