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June 11, 2019

Solstice Soiree 2019 Was a Great Success

Thank you so much for your support.


Thanks to you, Ray will have a consistent mentor through high school graduation.

On Friday, June 7, Friends of the Children–Seattle's Ambassador Board hosted the second annual Solstice Soiree. A phenomenal group of supporters came together and helped raise over $30,000 that directly support the young people enrolled in Friends of the Children. And this program will be a part of their lives for 12+ years, no matter what. For that, we are extremely grateful to you!

We started the mission-focused program sharing the Power of One video that explains our powerful model and mission. Steve Lewis, our executive director, shared a heart-wrenching story about a youth who recently joined a gang and distanced himself from his professional mentor. Steve spoke with that youth's aunt and caregiver for the first time, and they discussed strategies to help that child back to the right path of success. With all of the challenges that youth was going through, the one thing he wanted was to find a way to reengage with his professional mentor and leave the gang. Steve will continue to work relentlessly alongside our program staff and leadership to find a way to help that youth and his family.

We were inspired to hear Michael, one of our professional mentors, tell us about his youth, Ray, who thrives with consistency. When he enrolled in the program four years ago, he didn't know the letters of the alphabet. His mother was imprisoned, and he moved in with a relative he didn't really know. With Michael's encouragement and support, Ray transitioned to live with his aunt, and they all worked together to give Ray the tools he needed to learn to read and overcome other challenges he faced, including his speech delay.

"When we started working together, [Ray] would just shut down and stare blankly at a spot and not move. He didn’t know he could feel safe expressing emotions or working through challenges with me. Today, he is able to control his emotions... Consistency is critical to his ability to thrive." -Michael Rogers, Professional Mentor

Youth enrolled in Friends of the Children–Seattle is in our program for 12+ years, no matter what. They are empowered to translate their challenges into triumphs. Your support will help us continue to build relationships with youth and their families and ensure they reach their greatest potential and achieve their goals.