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Donor Spotlight: Slalom

Touching the lives of youth and families to shape a better future.

"One of the core values we live by at Slalom is to build and shape a better future for ourselves, out clients, and our communities. While our relationship began with a board member, the broader Slalom team has been involved with Friends' events, and we have done some project management consulting with their leadership and program teams. The most rewarding to date is our many years of involvement with the Family Giving Program," said Jen Travis, one of our former board members.

Slalom, an industry leader in consulting since 2001, makes a commitment to uplift local communities. Friends of the Children’s mission resonates deeply with Slalom. Slalom recognizes the importance of a consistent, caring adult in a youth’s life. Over the past 12 years, this partnership has deepened and expanded from contributing to Friends of the Children’s fundraising gala to taking on 180 families for our winter gift drive and helping us develop program strategies with a consultant. Slalom has said one of the most rewarding experiences for their team is receiving the envelope each year that is stuffed full of thank you cards and notes personally written by the children who receive gifts during the holidays.

“It’s a reminder that we’re having direct impact on children in our community and the smiles we’re able to bring to their faces,” a Slalom representative said.