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Our most consistent donor

Donor spotlight: Karli

Karli’s three daughters have been enrolled in Friends of the Children since 2002, and in that time, the family has overcome homelessness, abuse and food insecurity. Despite setbacks, Karli has held a steady job to provide for her children. For over 10 years, Karli has donated to Friends of the Children despite challenges she has faced in her life. Because she so strongly believes in the support Friends has given her, she wanted, in turn, to invest in Friends of the Children, no matter what.

“Friends of the Children has helped me and my family for years,” Karli said. “How could I not give and support them in any way I could? Even if it was just a few dollars each month.”

Karli recognized how well her daughters were excelling with their professional mentors in Friends of the Children. It is extremely powerful to see our families’ passion and belief in the work we do to support their children and, because of Karli, we are able to grow and serve even more youth!