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February 18, 2021

Simon tackles his biggest challenge: Homework

With his mentor's support, Simon stays on track.

Virtual learning isn't intuitive to everyone. Some of the youth enrolled in our program have a more challenging time learning online.

Simon* is nine years old, and he is hilarious. One of his favorite things to do is play hide and seek. His professional mentor, John, said he loved going on in-person outings with him. "When Simon thinks you aren't looking at him, he would duck down and hide," said John. "It's so funny."

Simon is also brilliant. During class, he is always first to finish his work and get the answers correct. He can quickly grasp new concepts. Overall, school isn't overly challenging for Simon. His professional mentor, John, is very proud of Simon and praises his eagerness to learn and his accomplishments.

But when it comes to turning in homework, Simon struggles. He has never been very interested in turning in his work. John said Simon does the work; he just doesn't turn it into his teacher. "It is extremely bizarre; his mom and I can't figure it out," John said. With school now online, Simon has even more trouble submitting assignments. He prefers to play video games, watch TV, and connect with his friends and family.

John and Simon's mom connected about supporting Simon because he was falling behind with his assignments. John, determined to help Simon, went to work. He reached out to Simon's teacher and found the list of homework he was missing. During their virtual outings, John would work through each assignment with Simon. John also walked Simon through the online platform to make sure he knew how to access the portal.

With John’s support, Simon logs on to his homework portal to complete old assignments. He wants to catch up on his work so he isn’t behind. His self-management skills have increased over the past few months and it is empowering to witness.

"He is getting through it," said John. "It is a lot of work. [He has] two months to make up. But I am confident that Simon can catch up." John is very proud of Simon’s progress and his dedication to getting the work done. Simon is also proud of the work he has been able to make up.

*Name changed to protect youth's privacy