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The importance of laughter

A mini-interview with professional mentor Jasmine and her youth

Throughout National Mentoring Month, we want to explore what makes the long-term commitment between professional mentor and youth so special. We asked professional mentor Jasmine and one of her sixth-grade youth about the relationship they’ve established with each other since Jasmine became her mentor at the beginning of this school year. KeeAra*, age 12, has been with Friends of the Children since 1st grade.

What is your favorite activity to do with your mentor/youth?

Jasmine: “I like our car rides…’cause of the funny moments and good conversation.”

KeeAra: “When we would go to the Kent station and record videos…[of] dancing and challenges that me and [other program youth] do.”

What is one important lesson that you’ve learned from your mentor/youth?

Jasmine: “KeeAra’s taught me how to be yourself, overall no matter what. She has a real mature mindset for her age. She teaches others how to be [themselves] as well.”

KeeAra: “Don’t let people get under your skin.”

What is something your mentor/youth does that makes you laugh?

Jasmine: “What don’t they do that makes me laugh! We’re always laughing. We’ll have a serious discussion and then the fact that we can laugh about it after makes everything more fun and lightens the situation. [It’s an] easier way to just push forward in life.

Jasmine will continue to be Keeara’s professional mentor until they graduate from high school. Together, they will build resilience, be themselves, and keep laughing.

*Name changed to protect the privacy of our youth.