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Volunteer spotlight

There are many ways to engage with Friends of the Children, and Lindsay has found them to be very rewarding.

Lindsay Fournier first connected with Friends of the Children as the organization’s graphic designer. Over five years, she has touched every piece of the Friends mission, volunteering on the Ambassador Board and reading with our youth every week. Lindsay has said interacting with the youth is truly the essence of why she loves Friends of the Children.

"I have been reading with Dominique* every Thursday for almost two years. A couple of months ago, she stumbled on the word “friend” while we were reading. I encouraged her to sound it out, and soon realized she needed some guidance. So I asked, “What are you and I?" She looked at me, wide-eyed with a toothy grin, and to my surprise, she said, "Family?” I gave her a squeeze and said, “You’re right, we are family, and we are also great friends.” While I hope I have made an impact on Dominique’s life, I know she has made a tremendous impact on mine. That is invaluable"

There are many ways to engage and make a tremendous impact on our youth. If you are interested, please contact our Education Support Assistant at volunteer@friendsseattle.org or call 206-328-3535. We onboard tutors and reading buddies on a rolling basis.

*Name changed to protect the privacy of our youth.