Mike Armanios

Verizon Wireless

Mike grew up in Egypt and moved to the United States at age 18. Mike attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he obtained both his bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. He also has an MBA degree from Strayer University. Mike has been in the wireless communication field for over 16 years. He worked with telecom OEMs like ALU and Ericsson but for the past 10 years, he has been with Verizon Wireless and is currently leading a team that is responsible for building and upgrading Verizon's network in the Pacific Northwest region.

Mike comes from a large family. He has 5 sisters and a brother. Mike has 3 children (Matteo 13, Alessandra 11, and Marco 9). Mike enjoys extreme outdoor sports and does a lot of skydiving, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, scuba diving, and long-distance cycling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Mike has a passion for mentoring young adults and sharing his childhood struggles and how the adversities he overcame growing up shaped his path in life today.

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