Doneka Lang

Senior Director of Programs, K-5

Doneka was born in Tacoma, Washington. She graduated from the University of Southern California.

Initially, when she decided to work at Friends-Seattle it was because she was able to create long-term relationships with youth. She previously worked in a group home and their population turned over quite a bit. Doneka was able to work with some great kids, get them prepared for traditional foster homes or reunification, but never had any info or contact with them after that. At Friends, she was able to work with her cohort for an extended period of time and maintain many of those relationships beyond graduation.

Doneka's favorite thing about being a supervisor is getting to know her team, troubleshooting issues with them, and the sense of pride/accomplishment they have when they reach even the tiniest milestone with their youth. Doneka's passions are in early intervention, educational equality, and refugee safety.

Doneka loves to travel. Two places she particularly enjoys are Kauai, Hi, and Florence, Italy. She has a sweet pup named Watson Gizmo and she loves photography.

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