Erika Sweet (she/her)

Erika Sweet (she/her)

Program Manager, K-5

Erika Sweet also knows Deutsch and graduated from the University of Washington. She most enjoys moving as much as possible outside. Erika loves gravel/road/mountain biking, swimming, hiking, climbing, walking her dog, or snow sports, anything that allows her to connect with herself and the endless beauty and gifts of the outdoors. Erika is on the Breakfast Racing Team-WTFNB bike racing team in Seattle-ish.

Erika is passionate about dismantling intersectional systems, institutions, and structures of oppression, both internally and externally. Also, she knows that climate change is real!

Erika has been in and around systems, positions, and organizations with a mission to serve youth. She has also noticed (and had to unlearn) that a lot of perspectives on “serving youth” involve speaking to, over, and for the youth, expecting them to conform in their “best interest” without valuing their voice and choice. Erika chose to work at Friends-Seattle to attempt to carve out more spaces and opportunities to step back and encourage youth to speak, grow, and learn in ways that they know are best for themselves while also knowing they have another person in their corner no matter what.

Erika’s favorite part about working at Friends-Seattle and being a mentor is getting to witness youth grow into and own their identities, strengths, and greatness in their own unique and honest ways.