Eya Lazaro (any pronouns)

Volunteer Manager

Originally from Bulacan, Philippines, Eya is a well-versed traveler! Their favorite travel destinations include SE Asia, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Islands. Eya and their sister are the first ones in their family to move to the mainland USA to attend UW Seattle.

After graduating from UW in 2019, Eya has worked in different organizations before getting cozy at Friends – Seattle. She wants to give a shout-out to Braided Roots, a local nonprofit that provides outdoor opportunities for BIPOC! He is passionate about the reciprocal relationship between nature and our nurturance.

They also are passionate about creating a strong, supportive, and loving community for children and their caregivers. They believe youth are the dreamers and visionaries of our community and encouraging them to grow into their potential ensures a better future for all of us.

Eya loves working at Friends – Seattle because she loves how Friends embodies its values through our work in the community. Friends takes the time to build intentional and genuine relationships with the families we serve which aligns so much with his own values.

Outside of Friends – Seattle, Eya enjoys cooking, eating out, yoga, hanging out with friends and his cat, as well as spending time outdoors. Her 5-year-old calico cat is named spam musubi, or subi for short.

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