Libby Peterson (she/her)

Professional Mentor, K5

Libby learned the value and honor of entering a young person’s world by watching her mom and then later her sisters. She has now been working professionally with youth, families, teachers, and administrators for almost 20 years.

Libby is delighted to return to the PNW after 10 years in the Northeast where she received her graduate degree from Yale and made a life in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and kiddo (her two favorite people). Theater has been a home for her with two degrees in drama and experience in acting, costuming, directing, producing, program administration, and teaching. Libby’s activism has taken her on the journey of identity, social location, self-education, power sharing, and community building. She has learned so much from so many people and helped lead anti-oppression trainings across the nation. She is glad to challenge isms and phobias of all sorts and grateful to learn about each person’s experience through their own voice and perspective. The work can feel immense, and also, Libby believes we can work together towards liberation for all people.

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