Sheena Fanuncial (she/her)

Senior Director of Programs, Teen

Sheena, also known as Sheens, was born and bred right here in Seattle, Washington. Sheena started her college career at Seattle Central and transferred over to Seattle Pacific University.

Sheena loves being a mentor because she is able to celebrate large and small milestones her youth has accomplished within and outside the program. Knowing that they still consider Sheena their mentor even after graduating out of the program and still connecting with them pretty frequently. Sheena loved watching her girls in real-time go through the different stages in their lives and being able to guide, learn and support them through it all. Not only does Sheena love connecting with her girls, but she also loves building up relationships with her girls' families. Hearing the families say, "Ms. Sheena is family now and will always be" is truly an honor to be accepted into their lives.

Sheena loves food exploration, DIY arts and crafts, and volleyball. She loves volunteering at Bradner Gardens, Northwest Harvest (before COVID), and the Emergency Feeding Program. She loves football and she is the Seattle Seahawks' #1 fan.

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