November 15, 2018

Daymon is Fearless with His Professional Mentor, Richmond, By His Side

American Family Insurance selects Friends of the Children to fan fearlessly this football season.

Friends of the Children–Seattle (Friends–Seattle) has been fearlessly identifying and pairing Seattle area youth facing the toughest challenges with professional mentors for nearly 20 years. These mentors work tirelessly to guide them to develop their greatest potential and achieve their goals, from kindergarten through high school graduation, no matter what.

This Seahawks season, American Family Insurance (American Family) is encouraging all Twelves to come together as a team to support Friends–Seattle. When Hawks fans “Fan Fearlessly,” American Family will donate to Friends–Seattle.

Fan fearlessly resonates deeply with Friends–Seattle. Our youth are resilient and despite obstacles persevere.

“When I thought I couldn’t do it, he was there to tell me I could do it,” program graduate, Daymon said about his professional mentor Richmond. “I never had that male role model in my life to do that.”

Having a consistent role model can change the life of a child. Daymon grew up without his father in his life and is a current high school and program graduate. Alongside Daymon’s mother, Richmond has encouraged Daymon to reach new heights and achieve goals beyond his wildest dreams. Being one of the first in his family to graduate high school, Daymon has a personal goal to go to college. Despite graduating from our program, Richmond is by Daymon’s side, helping him along the way.

“He was like, ‘I’m done, I’m done,’ [when he graduated from high school] and I was like no, this is just the start,” Richmond said.

Fans can participate in the Fan Fearlessly campaign to support Friends–Seattle by filling out a survey on the Fan Fearlessly website, uploading a photo using the #DreamFearlessly hashtag, and submitting a fan dream. On Nov. 15, American Family Insurance will present Daymon and Richmond as the Fan of the Week before the Seahawks game vs Packers. During this event, there will be activities to participate in to contribute to the campaign and support Friends–Seattle, including digital face paint and a green-screen touchdown dance to post on Friends–Seattle’s social media channels.

“When we cheer together, we win together, and not just on the field,” said Scott McConnell, American Family Insurance marketing sponsorships and event manager in a press release. “We hope football fans will be encouraged to ‘Fan Fearlessly,’ knowing at the same time they are assisting worthwhile organizations doing good work in their communities.”