March 14, 2023

Donor Spotlight: Desmond Brown

What motivates him to support our youth and show up for community

Desmond has been a generous supporter of Friends of the Children–Seattle for 20 years, since 2003. Desmond and his family live in Seattle, WA and he is General Counsel for Sound Transit.

Desmond was first introduced to Friends–Seattle through an open house at a Seattle elementary school. Our chapter was relatively new, and Desmond was curious to learn more about the program and meet some of the youth who were currently enrolled. Desmond also met an alum from the Friends–Portland chapter and learned about the impact professional mentoring made in his life.

Not long after that first introduction, Desmond became a recurring donor, giving monthly to Friends–Seattle to ensure the youth he met and others had the support of a professional mentor for the long term. Since then, he has stayed connected and enjoys hearing updates about our youth and mentors.

Our 12+ year commitment to our youth requires significant investment, and Desmond continues to support because he recognizes that the impact on our community goes beyond dollars. “It’s worthwhile to invest in the long term,” says Desmond.

These days, Desmond continues to support as a monthly donor and serves on the board of Fordham Street Foundation, which has awarded grants to Friends–Seattle and numerous other community organizations to increase the quality of our services.