Dakari sits at his new desk, personalized with his own name tag.

July 18, 2023

Friends-Seattle Alumni Lands Prestigious Law Firm Internship

Find out how fellow alumni Dakari worked his way into one of our country's biggest law firms

We are thrilled to share that Friends-Seattle alumni, Dakari, has recently secured a prestigious summer internship with our esteemed partners at Fenwick. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Dakari's determination, as well as the unwavering support he received from his past mentor, Stefan.

Stefan played a pivotal role in Dakari's journey by not only coordinating with Fenwick to create this opportunity, but also assisted Dakari with building skill-oriented goals that helped him land this internship.

Dakari's achievement is an example of the transformative impact that mentorship, collaboration, and dedicated partnerships can have on the lives of young individuals.

In partnership with Fenwick, these community connections create avenues for youth like Dakari to thrive and excel.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Fenwick for their commitment towards empowering our youth and investing in their potential. Their partnership with Friends of the Children - Seattle demonstrates a shared vision of creating a brighter future for our community.

As we continue to work hand in hand with our partners, we remain steadfast in our mission to build lasting connections and provide meaningful opportunities for our community. Together, we can empower the next generation, ensuring that every young individual has the chance to reach their full potential.

Congratulations once again to Dakari on his remarkable achievement, and a sincere thank you to all those who have supported him on this journey. Let us celebrate this milestone and look forward to the bright futures that await our youth!