June 12, 2023

How drama improved our youth's self-confidence

With goal-setting and small steps, our youth gradually grew to love himself

Friends of the Children – Seattle is rooted in our 12+ year commitment. Our promise comes with a built-in community and a consistent, caring adult who is professionally trained and shows up on a weekly basis year-round, resulting in youth who believe in themselves and achieve their goals. 

Like Nova*, an energetic 9th grader who was very nervous about finding a group of friends that he could be himself around, especially now that he was starting to share that he uses he/him pronouns.

When he and his professional mentor Soobin sat down together at the beginning of the school year to discuss his goals, he shared that he wanted to find a friend group that accepted him. He also wanted to work on physical fitness and becoming stronger.

Talking through his goals, Soobin suggested they create a roadmap to achieve these goals. Soobin said that they could go to the Seattle Bouldering Project, take skateboarding lessons, and Nova could join his school’s drama club. Nova was a bit hesitant at first to join the drama club but within a few weeks he was having the time of his life. He loved working behind-the-scenes and made incredible friends who welcomed him with open arms.

Soobin quickly saw how joining the drama club and trying new fitness activities was helping Nova grow more self-confident, build strong healthy relationships, and find his spark in stage production.