June 13, 2019

James Returns to Give Back

Program graduate interns at Friends–Seattle.

James is currently a rising junior at Washington State University, pursuing a degree in Human Development. During the fall of 2018, he interned at Friends–Seattle. The dedication of all the volunteers who support Friends, including James, allows us to provide the best services to youth involved.

"One of the reasons I decided to come back and volunteer at Friends is because I grew up here. I was five when my mom enrolled me in Friends of the Children. My first professional mentor Upendo helped me grow, set goals and make decisions. To this day, when things are going bad, I can hear his voice saying, 'Keep your head up. Life is too short to stress!'

After college, I want to counsel high school seniors and specifically prepare them for adulthood. I understand how hard it is to experience life on your own. Once kids graduate high school, they will begin their journey into independence and that comes with a lot of responsibility. A lot of kids don’t know how to do this on their own. So, if I have the chance to inspire and motivate, I would love to do so. I want to give kids what Upendo and Friends of the Children gave me."

"Friends means everything to me because it has contributed to a huge part of my success and who I am as an individual."