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Youth Career Path Program (Virtual)

When youth transition from our K-5 program to our teen program, we begin intentional programming focused on career exploration. Oftentimes youth have a limited scope on career options, and we want to encourage them to explore additional career path opportunities.

We are looking for local Seattle professionals who would be willing to offer one to two hours of their time (virtually) to explain what makes them excited about their careers. Let’s work together and help youth find their spark and encourage them to build on their strengths and passions.

Expectations of what you will be doing:

  • Talk about your industry/job and the work you do
  • Explain what a typical day at your job is like
  • Talk about other jobs within your industry
  • Answer any questions they may have about your job
  • Expand a youth’s knowledge about your profession and offer guidance on how they can pursue that career

Guiding topics to discuss with youth:

  • Why you chose your profession and the path you took to get there
  • What it takes to be successful at your job
  • Advice on what youth should do now to prepare
  • The causes/effects of daily decisions
  • The impact of your profession on society and the community

For more information and to sign up, please refer to the form linked below.

If you would like to participate in our Youth Career Path program, please contact our Teen Program Director, Sheena Fanuncial, at sheena@friendsseattle.org.

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